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How To Set Up ‘Scan to Folder” from a HP Color LaserJet MFP M281cdw to a Mac

Create a Shared Folder on your Mac

  1. Choose “Sharing” in System Preferences
  2. Check the “File Sharing” box under Service on the left
  3. Click on the “+” under the Shared Folders column
  4. Use the Finder window to create a new folder (or use a current folder) where the Scans should go and click on the “add” box.
  5. Choose a user under the Users column and change the permissions to “Read & Write.”
  6. Note the sentence above the Shared Folders area which starts with “Other users can access shared folders on this computer, and administrators all volumes, at “
  7. Ignore the part that likely says “afp:” and/or “smb:” and copy the IP address
  8. Open a new tab with the IP address of the HP Printer (Not the IP of the Mac that you just copied) and hit enter. This will open all of the settings of the HP Printer.
  9. Under the Scan tab, choose Scan to Network Folder -> Network Folder Setup on the left and click the New button to the right.
  10. In the Display Name* field, enter any name that you choose.
  11. In the Network Path* field, enter
    1. “//”
    2. The IP address of your Mac (which you just saved) and another single “/”
    3. The name of the root directory of the User you set up above and another single “/”
    4. Finally, each additional subdirectory and finishing with the Shared directory, each with a single “/” separating each subdirectory
  12. Here is mine as an example: //
  13. Quick Tip: Remember to use forward slashes (/) and NOT backslashes (\)
  14. For the “Username,” use the “Account name:” rather than the “Full Name” which is shown after a fresh boot of your Mac.
  15. For example for my own login, “Tom Sands” is my full name, but “Tom” is my account name.
  16. Enter the Password for the login account that is associated with your shared folder.
  17. You can choose to add a four-digit PIN for security, but I didn’t because it would require you to enter the PIN for EVERY single scan.
  18. Choose the Scan Settings of your choice and click on Save and Test