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Echo Devices Stop Using Apple Music When Requested

When you echo is using the basic Amazon Music service even though you have set it up to use your Apple Music subscription you typically think that the Alexa App is no longer configured to use Apple Music as the default. You open the Alexa App, click on the ‘More’ tab then ‘Settings.’ You scroll down and choose ‘Music & Podcasts’ but find that ‘Default Services still says ‘Apple Music.’

It is likely that the ‘Apple Music’ Skill needs to be activated again. In the Apple Music Skill Settings –> Account Linking, Link your Apple Music account again.

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Fix a Vizio P65-F1 That Is Stuck On “Successfully Paired”

Press and Hold both the ‘Volume Up’ & ‘Input’ buttons until the TV reboots.

Where are the ‘Volume Up’ and ‘Input’ buttons? While facing the front of the TV, reach BEHIND the screen at the bottom right.

Here is a link to the reddit article where this information was posted

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How To Force Restart An iPhone 11

The Shortcut items that I saved to my Home Screen stopped working. A reasonable suggestion mentioned performing a “Force Restart.” I tried this and the Shortcut item started working again. From the apple website ( described this clearly.

  1. Press and quickly release the Volume up button
  2. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button
  3. Press and hold the “Side” button UNTIL the Apple Logo shows up (about 15 seconds)

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MSI GE75 Raider Laptop’s Fans Running at Full


MSI GE75 Raider Laptop’s Fans Running at Full

  1. Open MSI Dragon Center
  1. View “Monitor”
  1. Change Scenario from ‘User’ to anything else – Initial Fix

User Scenario is a mode for Users to Customize Settings

The Performance Level was set for ‘High’

The Fan Speed was set for ‘Cooler Boost’

I Changed Fan to ‘Auto’ and the speed immediately dropped


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How To Set Up ‘Scan to Folder” from a HP Color LaserJet MFP M281cdw to a Mac

Create a Shared Folder on your Mac

  1. Choose “Sharing” in System Preferences
  2. Check the “File Sharing” box under Service on the left
  3. Click on the “+” under the Shared Folders column
  4. Use the Finder window to create a new folder (or use a current folder) where the Scans should go and click on the “add” box.
  5. Choose a user under the Users column and change the permissions to “Read & Write.”
  6. Note the sentence above the Shared Folders area which starts with “Other users can access shared folders on this computer, and administrators all volumes, at “
  7. Ignore the part that likely says “afp:” and/or “smb:” and copy the IP address
  8. Open a new tab with the IP address of the HP Printer (Not the IP of the Mac that you just copied) and hit enter. This will open all of the settings of the HP Printer.
  9. Under the Scan tab, choose Scan to Network Folder -> Network Folder Setup on the left and click the New button to the right.
  10. In the Display Name* field, enter any name that you choose.
  11. In the Network Path* field, enter
    1. “//”
    2. The IP address of your Mac (which you just saved) and another single “/”
    3. The name of the root directory of the User you set up above and another single “/”
    4. Finally, each additional subdirectory and finishing with the Shared directory, each with a single “/” separating each subdirectory
  12. Here is mine as an example: //
  13. Quick Tip: Remember to use forward slashes (/) and NOT backslashes (\)
  14. For the “Username,” use the “Account name:” rather than the “Full Name” which is shown after a fresh boot of your Mac.
  15. For example for my own login, “Tom Sands” is my full name, but “Tom” is my account name.
  16. Enter the Password for the login account that is associated with your shared folder.
  17. You can choose to add a four-digit PIN for security, but I didn’t because it would require you to enter the PIN for EVERY single scan.
  18. Choose the Scan Settings of your choice and click on Save and Test

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Be Careful With Assigning ‘Hot Keys’ in Keyboard Maestro

While creating a new Macro in Keyboard Maestro, I almost wasted a day driving to the Apple Store, in addition to crippling the use of my iMac by using an alternative keyboard for a number of days. In a nutshell, if you create a hot key in Keyboard Maestro using a simple letter, you will/may find that the letter will not be typed during normal typing.

I was excited by a David Sparks Screencast which described creating macros in Keyboard Maestro in order to quickly size and place windows with simple keyboard hot key triggers. I found that you could a hotkey by typing the letter “r” four times in a row. It seemed reasonable since I would never ‘accidentally’ set it off.

The next thing I knew I could not type the letter “r” in any application. Of course, as I write this now, it seems completely obvious. At the time I barely thought about the hot key since I was moving so fast creating several other macros (all with combinations of the control, option, command, and arrow keys).

I had completely forgotten about this special “r” macro and just started noticing that every word with the letter “r” was failing. I assumed that it was time for my Bluetooth keyboard that came with my 2017 iMac had finally broken with a stuck “r” key. I needed to keep moving so I attached the only other keyboard that I had handy, an Amazon Basics USB keyboard, made for a Windows computer. I put the Bluetooth off to the side with the thought that I would make a Genius appointment with the Apple store that is 20 miles away and bring it in.

I was so sure that this was a broken keyboard, I didn’t even test to see if the “r” was now working. Several minutes later (while struggling using the windows style keyboard), I found that the “r” was still not typing.  It finally struck me. I went back into Keyboard Maestro, changed the hot key, and the “r” started working perfectly again.

What a fool I am.

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How to Sync Multiple Google Calendars to Your iPhone or iPad by Gabriel Seiden at Connet 4 Consulting

Gabriel Seiden wrote a perfectly clean and easy to understand article describing how to allow your IOS calendar sync with multiple Google Calendars. I spent a long time attempting to find something and after several failures, I found this one. I highly recommend this one to get your answer:

How to Sync Multiple Google Calendars to Your IPhone or IPad

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Use ‘Show Tab Bar’ in Evernote

In Evernote program, click on the ‘View’ pull down menu and choose ‘Show Tab Bar.’

This lets you have Multiple Tabs, like a browser, with your choice of Notebook in each tab. I am keeping my ‘1 Inbox’ Notebook in one tab, my ‘2 Current’ in another, and the current Notebook that I am working on in a third tab. This is much more efficient than clicking from one area to another and back.

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Airport Express Should Use 5GHz Band On Xfinity Wireless Gateway

I set up  an older Airport Express (MB321LL/A) at a friend’s house yesterday. He wanted to send his Pandora stream from his iPad/iPhone to his home sound system that feeds speakers located in six different parts of his house. I setup the Airport Express using the 2.4Band on his Xfinity Cable Modem/Router. There were several sound drop outs and even long periods of silence. While the distance between the Xfinity Router and the Airport Express was only about 20 feet, it sounded like a signal issue. Finally, during my troubleshooting, I changed the selection of the wireless network from 2.4 to 5 and the sound was perfect.

In my defense, this was an older Airport Express (era 2008) which I assumed did not have a 5GHz frequency. Then I found this on the Airport Express Wikipedia page:

An updated version (MB321LL/A, model A1264) supporting the faster 802.11 Draft-N draft specification and operation in either of the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, with almost all other features identical, was introduced by Apple in March 2008.[4] The revised unit includes an 802.11a/n (5 GHz) mode, which allows adding Draft-N to an existing 802.11b/g network without disrupting existing connections, while preserving the increased throughput that Draft-N can provide.[5] Up to 10 wireless units can connect to this AirPort Express. []

Even now I am wondering why the 5Ghz band would perform so much better due to its distance issues. I never would have thought that the streaming of fairly low quality sound would make such a difference also.